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Not everything has been moved from the old site. Namely fandom articles and media pieces. Some of those may move over in the future, but under a new page on the blog. The old blog will remain for posterity and archiving purposes.

A Night At Hogsmeade Inn

As a Portlandian I participate in various geeky events and organizations. One of those organizations is the Time Traveler’s Costume Guild, a member of the International Costume Guild. My mother helped start this local group, and this January, we were able to host our first big event, a Harry Potter themed dinner. My write-up for the event was featured in ICG’s May/June 2016 Newsletter, but you can also read the full write-up below.

Continue reading A Night At Hogsmeade Inn

Press 101: How to Apply for a Press Badge as a New Outlet

Blogs, Vlogs, and new press outlets for our geeky world are popping up almost daily. Cheap technology and the rise of social media has helped propel individuals and small outlets into great sources for geeky news. And thus, the battle for press badges at conventions has gotten tougher. Not to mention, it can be confusing for a newer outlet to know how and when to start applying for press badges. Remember, every convention is different, and thus has different rules about applying, and who they will accept as press.

This is meant to act as a general guide based off of my experience in the industry, and the opinions and preferences of friends that hold Press positions at various conventions across the US. Even if you follow this guide’s advice word for word, there is never any guarantee you will be given a press badge at a specific convention. Please always be polite, write a full and accurate application, and ask when you have a question about a policy or decision. Continue reading Press 101: How to Apply for a Press Badge as a New Outlet

Standing with Orlando

Posts like this always suck. And because I have been so lucky in life to have my family and friends support me, it’s hard to imagine living while hiding a part of myself. For me, the one thing I can do is donate blood. I am O- which means I’m a universal donor. Part of my high school experience was knowing that being a queer woman, with O- blood meant that unless I traveled to certain countries, or somehow got a horrible disease, I’d always be able to donate while some of my friends could not. So I started donating, because they could not.

If you are able to donate and are looking for somewhere to donate blood this week please check out the two links below. Not everyone can donate, and not everyone likes to donate blood. It’s a personal choice. But it is one majour way you can help others of all backgrounds and creeds.



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Next conventions~!

Excited to be going up to Bellingham Anime Convention for  the first time this weekend~! It’s always fun to check out other conventions, and see friends!

Also looking forward to some events this summer, some more awesome articles and seeing all the friends I’ve made through conventions through the years.

#IkWilHelpen Find help in Brussels

If you are stranded in Brussels after the airport attack, you can find assistance (transportation & shelter) through Twitter. Use hashtags #OpenDoor and #IkWilHelpen .

If you are elsewhere in the world and looking to help, you can be of assistance by offering to translate Tweets for those in need, or do a quick search of charities and aid groups that may be collecting funds to assist those affected. You can also help your own community in case of a disaster or tragedy by giving blood. People with rare or universal blood types are always in demand.

Unapologetic Geek Out Podcast

This month has been full of conventions, so we’ll be updating soon!

The last few events Conventioning was at were so much fun! A big shout out to Colorado Anime Fest, Wizard World Portland, and Anime Milwaukee for being super awesome. Sakuracon is our next show, finishing out the exhausting month of March.

At Anime Milwaukee I had the chance to meet Nick who runs the Unapologetic Geek Out podcast. We chatted a bit about social media, and he interviewed me for the podcast. Please give the episode a listen! I’m looking forward to seeing them again at future cons and hanging out~!

Movie Monday: Wolf Children


Wolf Children is a story from renowned Japanese director Mamoru Hosoda. He is known for his stories involving children and for creating characters full of depth and personality. Some of his other works include Summer Wars, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Digimon, Samurai Champloo, and his most recent film, The Boy and the Beast. His unique animation style is recognized by most anime fans both in the US and Japan, and is a refreshing blend of colour and movement that feels real and just right. Continue reading Movie Monday: Wolf Children

The Truth Behind ‘Cosplay Goes to the Supreme Court’

Many people have seen an article making the rounds titled: ‘Cosplay Goes to the Supreme Court’. CosPurée has already explored the reasons this isn’t true in depth in their response article. In a previous article, ‘Are There Legal Issues With Cosplay?’ I covered similar material as well. So what is the bottom line? Is cosplay going to become illegal? Will you get in trouble for doing something you love? Continue reading The Truth Behind ‘Cosplay Goes to the Supreme Court’

Outreach Booths: The Frontlines of Your Convention

I’ve worked my fair share of convention booths, and there have been good and bad experiences. I’ve also seen a huge range of set ups, goals, and things that work (or don’t). The bottom line is that your convention booth is like a foreign exchange student, and everyone will be judging their first impression of your convention by it. Below is a list of things to keep in mind for your convention’s booth at your next outreach event! Continue reading Outreach Booths: The Frontlines of Your Convention

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